Arlight Celebrated The 25th Year

Arlight celebrated the 25th light year with architects, engineers, designers and loved ones. Managing Director Mr. Saltuk Erdemli gave information and news about upcoming year at the ceremony where Ankara Chamber of Industry Chairman Mr. Nurettin Özdebirin attended along with the great number of guests. Mr. Erdemli notified about the new factory which will start operating in 2017, along with some R&D and design works. The guests who have been following Arlight for 25 years were excited about the new designs. The movie about Arlight’s 25 year history was watched with great interest and plaque of appreciation was given to those who make this dream come true; Mr. Rufai Ozmen, Arlight’s Deputy Manager and Mr. Cemil Arli, Arlight’s co-founder. Lastly, guest had a fun time with Ankara Modern Orchestra at the Bilkent Hotel with the delicious treats. Guests from İstanbul visited the Arlight factory on the next day and found the opportunity to witness the improvements.