Kemal Aykaç/ Electric & Electronics Engineer / Özay Engineering

When did you start your occupation?
I started at 1993. It has a story likes this: First I wanted a project office, after finishing school I wanted to start working at government agencies. Conditions were developed different and I took the Camp Project of National Team without any knowledge. But I had no table and no rapido for making the work. I did not have any idea about how to make because of I had any experience. They directed me to Fikri Salim Vural. He taught the project to me, I saw lots of support from him. After that he directed me to private sector.

What is the importance of light at our life for you?
I want to answer this question as an electric engineer. Bad light is really bad. But you can show bad items good by good light. You can think this as women looks beautiful with makeup.

Can you make us a comparison between today and past illumination?
If we passed the candle period, you do not have think about past. Once there was only lamp, it not like this now. Light is so important for me for instance I feel very pleased at some places, I feel bad at some other places. Now we are making side work of a building. They made a study about the illumination of the building and the building looks like an artwork. There are lots of difference between today and past, anymore we passed away from giving light to the environment.

At illumination which one will be in the foreground, aesthetics or functionality?
Two are merged from now on. Light is very important at environment. The environment should be illuminated by necessary technic, after that the work should be finished by giving no concession from aesthetics.

How do you evaluate Led technology?
I know the trademarks, I follow the innovations. But I cannot guess where this work goes, it improves very much. Humankind thinks that the aesthetics must be. I think that we catch the environment atmosphere with Led technology by holding aesthetic and technology together.

What is the importance and place of illumination at architecture and urban design?
Very important. Parking areas are very simple places, any longer they want this places aesthetic. Every factor –even inactive apparent items- started to be part of architecture.Before architects were not at this tenderness level. Today lots of architects that we work together, can choose the armature of place. We are not worry about this case.Architect eye can find the befitting more comfort. We gave technic support. We solve visual with them.