Neşet Güne / Interior Designer / Profit

When did you start your career?
After finishing my high school education at TED  College, I graduated Bilkent University Fine Arts Faculty Interior Architecture department. after I gained experience at a private company, I founded my own design workshop with my partners. we opened our Office with my two partners Lale Güne and Ömer Önen by using young entrepreneurs credit by Halk Bank in 1995. Our first work was Sheraton Hotel Ankara’s lobby and night club Project. The Project deadline was the new Year’s eve and I can never forget spending The New Year nailing skirting boards. Then we expanded our business with home, hotel, Office and sport center designs and applications. We never compromised our quality and we aimed to stand out  as a renowned and preferred company with our business ethics in the sector.

What inspires and affects you while designing a place?
I can get inspired by everything in life for example a movie i like, a book i read, a domestic or a foreign place i visited or saw, even by the music i listen to, by an album cover or by a beautiful woman, as long as I enjoy living the life. I think it’s the visuality what stands out while designing. The concept which motivates the inner World and the human soul is aesthetics not the functionality of the place or the product. Let me explain: do you think women feel comfortable in high heel shoes? No way! The hardest thing in the World is walking around in those jagged high heels. But they wear them and can’t give up. They feel more beautiful, more attractive, naturally their self confidence hits the peak. I think it’s the same for the places. When you enter a place, you’re affected by the atmosphere first, then you start to live the place or you don’t like and you don’t even get inside.

What is the importance of the light in life?
Light forms the basis of design.  You can completely change the theme and atmosphere by using it consciously. Unfortunately we don’t know how to use the light properly yet. We carry the hearsay knowledge to the superficial desings. I’m sure we can produce magnificent projects if we learn how to make use of the light properly. Foreign companies manage and shape the light in a Professional way. Because light increases the human efficiency 100%. Light means “Money” means “income” in social utility places such as hospitals, hotels, offices, shopping malls. That’s why western world cares about the “Light” praisea and develops it.

How do you make your illumination choices in places?
I’m making my choices according to the theme I’d like to create. For example, if I want to create a “Romantic” ambiance, I put a “Dramatic” type of light to my installation. If I want to feature a product or an artistic object, I choose a more powerful, more punctuate source of light. In fact the type and amount of light used at home, at offices or at a hotel is completely different because every place has a different  scenario and function. I especially avoid using White light in places except in laboratories and at hospitals where real visuality must be perceived exactly the same. White light creates the most unattractive and cold atmospheres. However, daylight prepares a close and warm atmospheres to the human.

How do you evaluate the LED technology?
Led is a technology which I don’t know how to use exactly yet. I just know that it’s a longlasting and energy saving lighting method. I love to play with its colors but I really don’t know how to manage and shape it in a real way. Led technology contributed to interior architecture incredibly. At least it showed us how we can make more pleasent installations by playing with colors of the light. 

The importance of the illumination in architectural and urban design?
I associate the urban illumination with a beautiful woman’s putting up accesories after dressing up in chic clothes. I think it’s possible to make a city which is well planned and has a strong architecture more attractive through the right illumination. You can see the best examples in Rome and Prague. However our municipalities have a completely different mentality! Freakishly furnished lamp poles in military order and green led lights reflecting from them. Furthermore, super kitsch, shapless ornaments placed during the festivals. Unfortunately,  due to the fact that we had to live as nomads in the very big part of our history, we never had a chance to beutify and make the cities look more aesthetic where we inhabit. Just think about it, there are still unplastered buildings in our city. What could be the cost of painting the facade? I think aesthetics has nothing to do with Money, it’s just an instinct, a reflection of our culture and mentality. You can see the same examples in the third World countries like Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Georgia. Typical thirs World countries tastelessness I mean. I hope this aesthetic concern stands out in our community and thnaks to that we can start making unique designs.