Şerife Meriç / Architect / Meriç Dizayn

When did you start your career?
My career started after graduating Department of Architecture in 1990. 

What do you think of the importance of light in our lives?
Of course light is life but I can say that design is an absolute must for me. along with other elements, light is a frequently used argument when I question and figure out where to expose and what to hide . we sort out accessories in some of our works and our design in some of our works with light sources. Apart from these, ı can say that I’m passionate about both designing lighting form y places and designing the lighting product as an object as well.

Could you make a comparison if we say lighting in the past and lighting today?
In fact I think historical approaches becomes more difficult when this subject is the case. Certainly the Sun has always been the strongest light source for the Earth and I looked both for the sun effect in my designs and always trying to orientate towards it, in some cases trying to avoid unwanted effects as well. Basically there is always an orientation towards the light.   My choice is the strong light source which I don’t see the source the ones ı use as accessories require a meticulous selection like a jewel. I can observe the abundance of kind and quality but I have to admit that quality control is getting harder. 
I can also say that product design is in search of refining from past to the present day.

Should aesthetics or functionality come to the forefront in lighting? 
Even though it might depend on the general set up of the place, my choice has always been on functional elegance side.

Do you have a timing when you design a place? 
First I sort out the life organization, then I choose the style that may be suitable for this organization. After that I can sum up the process as choosing design elements that brighten them up.

How would you evaluate LED technology?
It seems very important  technology and open to developments. Dimensions of used products have become smaller. I can observe that control methods are getting harder in order to find answer for which product is better, which is more durable or useful as there are numerous products in the market. there is an unsettled rawness in color temperatures, for some works it is possible to minimize these problems thanks to good selected reflectors and spatial colors. I have to admit that I’m disturbed by the color diversity used indifferently and in comfort especially for urbanization which has increased generally along with the LED technology.

Which ones are your favorite architectural movements? 
I can say Modern and art deco movements are the ones that I'm interested in and want to be a part of it.

Importance of lighting in architectural and urban design? 
I always think design must be where the life exists and light is vital inside everything designed.