Iceberg has a uniquely folded polypropylene light shade which creates an even light diffusion. The shade's angular design gives the fixture an eye-catching touch. The LED board and LED driver are incorporated in the fixture's base plate but are masked by the diffusing material. The product is available in a medium output (1500lm) and higher output (3000lm) version depending on whether to offer atmosphere lighting or general, functional light. Iceberg also comes in a suspended version.

Eye catching surface mounted or suspended LED fixture. Iceberg’s characteristic design is created using a thin opal polypropylene sheet, which is smartly folded into an angular shape, creating the impression of a solid block of light.

Iceberg is available as surface mounted or suspended luminaire with a 3000lm LED
output in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K. Lower lumen outputs are available upon request.
Equipped with an integrated fixed output driver or DALI driver.

230V (LED driver included)

Surface mounted or suspended by means of steel cables.


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