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Arlight Lighting Laboratory

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The Laboratory which has been established with TUBITAK 1507 SME RDI (Research, Development & Innovation) Grant Programme in 2009 improves itself each passing days.

Arlight Lighting Laboratory, has accredited according to TS EN 60598-1 (Luminaire Safety Requirements) TS EN 13032-1/TS EN 13032-2 (Photometrical Measurements of Luminaires & Lamps) related indoor and outdoor lighting standards. Our Laboratory that has been made an important tests one of capital laboratory of the testing laboratory in Turkey.

On 2010 Laboratory Project, it was selected in the best 50 projects among 4000 projects presented to TUBITAK in the last 5 years. Laboratory has been accredited by TURKAK according to ISO/IEC 17025 (Test and Calibration Laboratories Management System) in 2014.TS EN 60598-1(Luminaire Safety Requirements), TS EN 13032-1/TS EN 13032-2 (Photometrical Measurements of Luminaires & Lamps) standards covered by accreditation scope.

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Our Laboratory is glad to publish new accreditation scope. At the beginning of 2015 Arlight Lighting Laboratory has been successfully completed to expansion process.

In this process;

  • Degrees of IP Protection Standard (IP Code) (TS EN 60529),
  • Fire Hazardous Tests (Glow Wire Tests) (TS EN 60695-2-11),
  • Solid State Lighting Electrical and Photometrical Measurements (IESNA LM79-08),
  • Environmental Tests (IK Code) (TS EN 62262),
  • LED Modules Safety Requirements (TS EN 62031),
  • Lamp Control Gears Safety Requirements (TS EN 61347-1) standards has been added to accreditation scope.

In addition to make self CE declaration;

  • Electromagnetic Emission Standard (TS EN 55015),
  • Harmonic Current Emission Standard (TS EN 61000-3-2),
  • Voltage Fluctuations, Deviations & Flickr Limitations (TS EN 61000-3-3) and check EMC compatibility (2004/108/EC) directive requirements tests can be evaluated by Arlight Lighting Laboratory.

We as an ARLIGHT utilize useful, safe, functional products with 24 year knowledge to keep creates one thousand kind of light by Accredited Laboratory to share with world.