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Light is a beginning

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Light is life

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Light is truth

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Light is inspiration

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Indoor Lighting

Light is an idea.
He comes brightly and initiates change.

As the sun sets and city life fades away, a search begins. People seek light. Arlight is with people at every moment of their lives.

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Outdoor Lighting

Light is a marker.
It attracts attention, shows it and reveals details.

Arlight, whose silhouette shines while the city sleeps, with its ideas that bring light to the dark roads; It shows the correct direction to the light everywhere.

Inspiration from the Light of Nature


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Original and Stylish

Biorhythm degrees supported by lighting automation

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Powerful and Natural

Quality and environmentally friendly material

Sarkit Lot Arka Detay

Functional and Decorative

Different mounting and color options

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Arlight uses sustainability as a principle in every step.

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Putting sustainability at the center of its business, Arlight obtains all of the electricity in its production facility from renewable energy.

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With over 30 years of experience, Arlight has the ability to make project-specific designs.

Design that combines functionality with art
Elegant, thin and soft lines
Different forms that combine in unlimited ways

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