Turkey's First Visually Impaired Museum Education and Experience Area was established!

On the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Anatolian Civilizations Museum, an accessible education and experience area for visually impaired individuals was established.

The training and experience area designed for the access of visually impaired individuals with the motto of “Accessible Museums” was realized by @bongoartproject. Arlight brand is preferred for lighting fixtures.

For the first time in Turkey, visually impaired individuals will perceive museum works with an experience that appeals to several senses at the same time.

Individuals with “total blind” or “low vision” visually impaired;

✨By touching the 3D replicas of historical artifacts,

✨By reading in Braille,

✨Listening to audio descriptions,

✨You can examine the 3D image of the work on the tablet by zooming in and out.

✨Can touch and feel the real material of the replica

In this area, where visually impaired children as well as healthy children and adults will enjoy experiencing, there are different workshops such as coin, ceramics and tablet making, especially for children.