Let there be light was our motto in 1991 and the company was founded. The journey started  out by illuminating the darkness has turned into a powerful and trendsetter enterprise which is caught up in the magic World of light.

Award winning designs brought the bright places together. Places where Arlight lived has exceeded Arlight’s birthplace so much that there was no need to mention thousand of square meters of closed areas as well as thousand of square meters of outdoor areas. Placed where Arlight has enlivened turned into a showroom and took their places in the World. Arlight found the nature, the knowledge, the health and the elegance in light. Combined what it found with the design and took interest in not only furnishing the light bu also the light itself. In order tos hare its core aesthetic values, functional, healhty and elegant knowledge, it caught many different ways and sorts of light.

We always keep Arlight’s dynamic structure alive with our never ending energy in order to provide the Professional service during sales and after sales that a customer expects from a lighting company.

Each passing day, we bring our power with more people and more places together and we consider the applications we’ve done by using the fine details of architecture as our reference point in the sector. Our goal is to develop  a relationship with the people and enterprises that we serve and to have a firm relationship that goes beyond meeting the lighting requirements. we create an atmosphere by the perfect service quality and solutions created by our innovative designs as well as meeting your requirements completely  to develop such relationship. With the high quality standarts which our factory where we produce the designs matching completely with architectural structure of places and thanks to the Professional skills of our experienced staff, we work hard to make the point where we reached in lighting sector more significant.

Today, we share the happiness of the fact that the biggest step we took is being a World class company and also our transition to Fagerhult group.

Now, heart of the light beats all around the World…