Combining the artistic side of lighting with its capabilities in technology and design in its production facilities in Ankara for 30 years, Arlight combined its leadership experience in the local sector with the strong structuring of Fagerhult, which steers the global market.

Known for its expertise in many fields from production to after-sales services in the category of interior and exterior lighting solutions, Arlight takes steps towards innovation and differentiation with its Lighting Design Office, Accredited Laboratory and R&D Center in order to enrich its sectoral diversity and further its rational growth targets.

Bringing light to life in an indoor area of ​​10.000 m² with the desire to develop innovative and functional lighting solutions, Arlight avoids the waste of resources arising from its activities by adopting the lean production model and business practices based on ecological and economic values ​​in all production processes in 2020.

Our Vision;

Is to be the leading partner for professional lighting solutions in Turkey, through exceptional product quality, the best service and continous innovation for sustainability.


Our Mission;

To innovate and deliver professional lighting solutions in our region, with planet and people at the core of our strategies.