Shining with the Power of Light
With our ideas
We Light Up the Future!


We started our production in 1991 on a local basis and in limited quantities; Today, we deliver products to the whole world from our factory with a daily capacity of 20,000 final products.

Arlight Fabrika 03

Today, we are shedding light on the future of the industry with a team of 200 experts and a monthly production volume of 20,000 units for the global world we entered in the 2000s.

MG 3916

We are proud to bring our name to the league where big players are located, by uniting with the strong structuring of Fagerhult, which leads the global market in 2014.

MG 3904

We illuminate the future thanks to our sustainable ideas with superior quality production awareness and customer-oriented vision.

MG 9945

As Arlight, which provides end-to-end services from design to after-sales support in interior and exterior lighting; Aware that light is one of the important components of our lives, we innovate and carry out R&D studies on many issues, from efficiency to ease of use.

MG 3924

We support our human-oriented approach with our sustainability policies and continue to move forward with our mission of a brighter future.